Sell-Side M&A

You only have one chance to sell your business. Are you maximizing its value?

Your business is unlike any other. When it’s time to sell, you need the support of experienced professionals who take time to get to know all aspects of your business in order to navigate a deal that maximizes its value. That’s what’ you’ll find at Three Sixty Seven Advisors.

We employ a disciplined, proven approach to selling your business, tailoring our processes along the way based on your specific needs and objectives. We begin by designing a comprehensive sales plan and marketing materials that highlight your company’s value and position in the marketplace.

We then manage every aspect of the sales process with a goal of disrupting your daily business activities as little as possible. We communicate with you regularly throughout the sales process to help ensure you’re fully informed & comfortable every step of the way.

Our sell-side M&A advisory services include the following.

  • Recommendations from a team of industry experts
  • Insight into potential valuations
  • Confidential information memorandum
  • Direct contact with potential acquirers
  • Coordination of site visits and management presentations
  • Letter of intent review
  • Management of the due diligence process
  • A dedicated partner through every stage of the process

Sell-Side M&A Process

Our thorough, in-depth M&A process helps ensure no detail is overlooked as we strive to unlock maximum value for your business.

Step 1

Valuation Discussions

At the onset of our relationship, we take time to meet with you and gain an understanding of your expected value and deal structure. These conversations help us get on the same page and establish a valuation process that results in an accurate asking price.

Step 2

Industry & Buyer Research

We employ advanced technology and spend countless hours researching top buyers in your industry to help identify a range of potential fits.

Step 3

Offer Evaluation

Our goal is to secure competitive offers from a diverse buyer pool in order to enhance multiples and top enterprise value.

Step 4

Due Diligence

We conduct an in-depth due diligence process on any potential buyers, working with your other advisors to provide thorough, timely vetting and analysis to help you move forward with confidence.

Step 5


We negotiate the most favorable deal terms with your selected buyer & coordinate every aspect of the closing processes. We also work with your legal, accounting & wealth management advisors to ensure your transition is as smooth & seamless as possible.

Why choose Three Sixty Seven Advisors to provide sell-side M&A services?

Maximize shareholder value

We help you identify an optimal strategy for positioning your company in the market, leading to better outcomes for shareholders.

Create Demand

We create healthy competition to enhance your deal value while reducing risk.

Enhance your company’s creditability

Our professional approach and carefully crafted company positioning lend credibility to every stage of the sales process.

Minimize Disruption

Until we’ve completed the sale, you still have a business to run, yet process of selling your business can be a full-time job in itself. That’s why we handle the entire sales process so you can focus on running your business & increasing profits leading up to the sale.

Buy-Side M&A

Experience and insight to target the right acquisition.

At Three Sixty Seven Advisors, our comprehensive M&A advisory services help you achieve your unique acquisition-related goals. Our experienced buy-side advisors take an innovative and pragmatic approach to identifying potential acquisition targets, allowing you to successfully expand your business into new markets.

Our custom, well-executed strategies allow our clients to make proprietary acquisitions across a variety of industries. We’re by your side every step of the way, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing you have a team of experienced professionals in your corner.

Mandate Creation

We begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of your specific goals for this major business transaction. We get to know your company, your people and your reasons for making an acquisition. We use this information to guide every step of the process from here on out.

Research & Due Diligence

Guided by your goals, we rely on best-in-class technology and in-depth research methods to help us create a list of potential target companies. Our data-driven process allows us to weed through many different companies in order to identify potential matches that meet your specific needs and requirements.


We use a multi-channel approach to communicate with target company decision-makers. We strive to maintain an open dialogue in order to quickly identify their objectives & any potential obstacles we may face along the way.


To help ensure no party is wasting its time, we methodically screen each potential company based on your criteria & requirements. We then prepare a comprehensive summary report of our findings.

Introduction Call

A critical step of any buy-side M&A is ensuring mutual best interests & cultural alignment of the two companies. That’s why we arrange calls between both parties to discuss each company’s culture, objectives, challenges, expectations & more.


We have a high closing rate, due to our attention to detail & relationship focus. We check in with you at every stage of the process to gage your comfort level & ensure the process is meeting your expectations.

Buy-Side M&A

Why choose Three Sixty Seven Advisors to provide buy-side M&A services?

Identify acquisition targets that meet your specific criteria

We employ innovative technology and research methods to evaluate each potential company based on your needs and requirements.

Ensure an efficient and streamlined process, from start to finish

We handle the heavy lifting so you can remain focused on running your business.

Thoroughly analyze each potential company based on its likelihood of furthering your unique business goals

We are driven by your goals at every step of the process.

Increase your chance of closing a deal

We are committed to making the process a success for both you and your target company.

Corporate Debt Advisory

Helping clients access debt capital markets and achieve the best possible results.

We help companies secure debt capital to support growth, acquisitions and refinancings. Our experienced professionals provide innovative debt solutions and in-depth insight into current market factors & lending trends.

We offer a wide range of options outside of traditional bank financing & help you navigate each one. We have built relationships with leading debt capital providers across various loan types, which allows us to streamline the process & deliver fast results. We support the following forms of debt capital.

  • Traditional Bank Loans
  • Term and Revolving Lines of Credit
  • Asset-Based Loans
  • Cash Flow Loans
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Senior Stretch Loans
  • Unitranche Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Working Capital Leverage
  • Sponsor Finance

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