The consumer goods industry spans a wide range of products, from necessities such as food and personal care items, to luxuries such as cars, electronics and jewelry. Your company’s M&A approach is largely influenced by the type of goods you sell, and the strategy that makes sense for another consumer goods business may not be right for you.

In addition, the evolution of consumer purchasing to e commerce, combined with an ever-increasing pace at which new products are brought to market, make it more vital than ever to develop a strategy to help capture value for fast-growing consumer goods companies.

At Three Sixty Seven Advisors, we help clients in this space maximize direct selling opportunities and continue excelling in a fast-paced market. We understand the importance of getting to know your business, your key personnel, your inventory and supply chains, and more before developing a strategy to help maximize your business’s value and/or identify target acquisitions in line with your long-term strategy and objectives.

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