Buy-Side Search and Advisory

Three Sixty Seven Advisors offers comprehensive M&A advisory services to help your acquisition-related goals.  Our team of buy-side advisors takes a modern and pragmatic approach, developing and implementing a strategy that allows you to grow, enter new markets and execute successful transactions.

With carefully crafted, well-executed strategies, we enable acquisitions across a wide range of industries. Our buy-side advisors ensure clients are supported every step of the way, sourcing viable acquisition targets to closing the deal.

Our Buy-Side M&A Process

Three Sixty Seven Advisors serves as an outsourced M&A division for private equity firms, family offices and strategic buyers. When you partner with us, here’s what you can expect from our six-step buy-side M&A process.

1. Mandate Creation

Our team of professionals creates an acquisition strategy that is driven by our clients’ input. Then we use this strategy to find appropriate target companies and meet client objectives.

2. Research

Our team relies on best-in-class data platforms and research methods to create a list of potential target companies. We use innovative technologies to give clients the best options and solutions.

3. Sourcing

The Three Sixty Seven Advisors team uses a multi-channel approach to communicate with target company decision-makers. Relying on open dialogue allows us to understand their interests and identify potential obstacles.

4. Target Screening

We qualify the target company to ensure no party is wasting their time. Once the target screening is complete, clients receive a comprehensive summary report.

5. Culture Call

Mutual interest and cultural alignment are both crucial in buy-side M&A transactions. Thus, our team arranges calls between both parties. We’ll ensure compatibility exists to increase the chance of long-term success.

6. Deal Closing

Three Sixty Seven Advisors has a high closing rate due to our attention to detail and relationship management skills.

Key Contacts

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Managing Principal
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