John Crivelli


John Crivelli is a Director at Three Sixty Seven Advisors. Whether as a legal counselor, corporate development executive, a principal. or a family office manager, John’s professional life has centered around the merger, acquisition, private equity, and VC transactions for over 20 years.

During the course of his career, John has structured just about every kind of transaction in the world of mergers and acquisitions and is a trusted advisor to many clients, for both business and legal advice, throughout the state of Florida. John’s unique background as both an M&A lawyer and business executive in the area of corporate development gives him unique insight and perspective into transactions. He prides himself on being able to solve complex issues surrounding M&A transactions and finding hidden value often overlooked by business principals.

John is a Massachusetts native who currently resides in South, Florida. He has a JD and MBA from the University of Florida, and over the course of his career has worked at both a major law firm, a fortune 500 company, and successful startups where John helped structure the owners’ exits. John also serves as a board advisor to a venture capital fund and enjoys working with and mentoring early-stage tech entrepreneurs. During his free time, John’s passion is travel, new cultural experiences, and dabbling in romance languages.